Author Julia Gordon-Bramer is a cross between Gregg Braden, who brings spirituality to science, and Jen Sincero, who brings spirituality to being a “Badass.” With personality, clarity, and wit, this author, poet, scholar, professor and professional tarot card reader has spent the last decade interpreting Sylvia Plath’s work through mysticism. Gordon-Bramer is listed in St. Louis’ Top Ten Psychics by Psychic St. Louis, and is called St. Louis’ Number One Fortune-Teller by CBS. An accomplished creative writer and poet in her own right, Gordon-Bramer was called “St. Louis’ Best Local Poet” in 2013 by The Riverfront Times. Upcoming releases for 2018 include The Magician’s Girl : a biography of Sylvia Plath’s mysticism; and Night Times, a memoir of Gordon-Bramer’s years running a music magazine in the 1990s alternative rock scene in St. Louis. She teaches for the Lindenwood University graduate Creative Writing Program in St. Louis, Missouri.